About Dr. Katherine Hooper

Katherine Hooper


I earned a B.S. in Psychology at the University of Florida and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and Psychology at Indiana University. Since 2003, I’ve been at the University of North Florida (UNF).





I am an Associate Instructor and the Director of UNF’s Behavioral Neuroscience Program.

I love teaching! I mostly teach:

  • PSB 3002 Behavioral Neuroscience
  • PSB 4930 & PSB 6930 Special Topics in Behavioral Neuroscience
  • PSB 4434 & PSB 6435 Neuropharmacology
  • PSY 3123 Research Methods
  • PSB 6031 Advanced Biopsychology

Occasionally I teach Human Sensory Perception and Introduction to Psychology. Learn more about my classes on my Courses page.

Research is not part of my job description, but I still do a bit of research using a relatively new brain imaging technique called fNIRS. Learn more about that on my Research page.






My Myers-Briggs personality type is INTJ. I love coffee (black, latte, or cappuccino), tea, Cuban food (and mojitos), sushi, hard rock and metal, roller coasters (the faster, the better), jigsaw puzzles (the more pieces, the better), XKCD, and The Office. I have a Mastador (mastiff / lab mix) and a Bengal).

Ophelia, the mastador

Other than news and an occasional Netflix binge, I rarely watch TV (due to a lack of time) and the only movies I manage to see (again, lack of time) are those based on science-fiction books I love. I typically attend several rock concerts and music festivals each year and I have season tickets for Gator Football.

My hobby is reading and reviewing science fiction and fantasy literature (here’s my SFF review blog). “Dune” is one of my favorites. I don’t have much time to sit and read, so I do 99% of my fiction reading in audio format. That way I can read while driving, shopping, exercising, and doing chores.

I am a scientist and a Christian. These things are not mutually exclusive!

If you ever want to talk about any of these interests I’ve mentioned, introduce me to your favorite new rock band, come see me during office hours. I can brew you a cup of tea. (I’m sorry that my cat is not in my office.)